Manukora Raw Manuka Honey UMF5+ (MGO85+) 500g
March 5, 2021
Superbee Yellow Box Honey 500g
March 8, 2021

Kamai Gold Manuka 250g UMF 15 (MGO515)


With its medicinal properties and health benefits, Honey Cure MGO 500+, non-GMO Manuka honey is nature’s greatest gift to support everyday wellness.

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Do we need an expiration date on the honey jar?
We don’t have an expiration date on the jar. What we do have is a best before date, which means that honey can be consumed even after the mentioned date.
But, after the best before date, honey can change in aroma, texture, and color. The change in properties maybe darkening of color or crystallization but this doesn’t make honey unsafe.
In fact, it means that the honey is pure. Since it is pure it may darken and thicken over a period of time.

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 14 cm


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